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the Podcast

For the actor in today’s world, health has become more than just a personal journey; it’s become inextricably linked to our professional lives as well. The standards get higher and higher, and so does the pressure.


The Green Room Podcast, hosted by online fitness coach Ryan Morales Green, provides interviews with professionals in the industry who give real insight on how to manage the journey, not just arrive at the destination.


By shedding light on the universal difficulties everyone faces, whether you’re working on Broadway, shooting that TV series, or creating your own next great thing, Ryan and his guests bring you perspective on the myriad of solutions and possibilities out there, and ultimately, how incredibly personal this journey is.


On top of that, Ryan takes you through techniques and strategies on healthy living so you can build your own fit lifestyle - and more importantly, so you can lead the kind of life where you take pride in where you are now, have faith in what you want to accomplish, and are consistent in how you’re showing up and doing the work every day. 


the Host

Ryan is a professional actor based in New York City, as well as an online fitness coach with his own business, Green Fitness and Health. Ryan's mission as both an actor and coach is to shed light on both the wonderful and the icky bits of humanity, so we can take pride in all the pieces of ourselves, and so we can seek out validation in the things that matter most to each of us. 

Ryan is also a proclaimed hobbyist, with a slew of passions in his personal life, from martial arts to rock climbing, to Spanish, guitar, and video games. And of course, all things art and theatre related.

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